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With ever increasing energy costs, and recent flue restrictions, an Electric Combi Boiler is becoming more and more feasible as an alternative to a traditional gas boiler.

We understand that there’s many Electric Combi Boiler suppliers in today’s modern market, who will either confuse you with fancy technical jargon, or dazzle you with extravagant claims. We’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide to help you understand what makes a good Electric Combi Boiler, what all the jargon means to you, and the importance of installing high quality products versus the cheap and nasty.

Some Benefits of an Electric Combi Boiler

100% Efficient. Electric Combi Boilers have absolutely zero heat loss through waste gases or flues, the kind that you’d expect with a Gas boiler. All the heat generated is going directly into your heating or hot water. Low Installation Costs. Having no requirement for a waste gas flue potentially reduces installation costs by thousands of pounds, and installing gas pipelines could add thousands on top of that. Low Maintenance Costs. There’s no mandatory requirement for an annual service on an Electric Combi Boiler, whereas a Gas Combi Boiler has to be serviced annually, which can cost £90-£110. Completely Silent. An Electric Combi Boiler doesn’t include any fast moving elements within the boiler that you would see within a Gas Combi Boiler, which means there’s absolutely no noise.

At Healthy Home UK, we have spared no expense in producing our electric combi boiler, particularly in optimizing our product for efficiency, longevity and reliability. Some of the smart features which contribute to these goals are:

Soft Start Feature

The Soft Start Feature of our Electric Combi Boiler temporarily reduces the load when the Boiler starts up. This protects the Electric Boiler from power surges which could potentially cause the boiler to break down.

Full Power Modulation

Our Electric Boilers are designed to modulate. Most Electric Boilers are still fitted with a standard On/Off Switch, so there’s either full power, or no power. Full Power Modulation allows the Electric Combi Boiler to use the minimum amount of power required at all stages of the heating cycle, which in turn will lower bills.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

The Heat Exchanger is one of the most important components of an Electric Combi Boiler. Healthy Home UK have included a Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger, which is built to last longer than heat exchangers made of inferior materials.

In-Built Weather Compensation

We’ve included an In-Built Weather Compensation feature which monitors the outside temperature and adjusts power output accordingly. So if it’s cold outside, your property will require a higher output to reach your required temperature, and if it’s hot outside your property will require a lower power output.

Magnetic Filter

Our Electric Boilers come with a Magnetic Filter, which protects your boiler from ‘sludge’ which is the main killer of boilers. ‘Sludge’ is made up of corroded pieces of metal which have come away from pipes/radiators. The Magnetic Filter attracts the sludge then filters the sludge out.

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